Brett Osborn

The Work

Artist Brett Osborn considers himself an artist working within a polycontemporary culture. A culture that values several different yet simultaneous approaches to creating art. For artist Brett Osborn traditional and contemporary processes are a valid methodology for developing a body of work. Idea or "content" is the most essential aspect of the work and the process or "form" will be dictated by that content.

The idea driven content of the work ranges from the modern to the postmodern.

Recent News

Brett Osborn with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal. Georgia Council for the Arts selected Osborn's work to hang in the State Capital. The painting is also being published for the cover to highlight a government report.

For a very "readable" book on Modernism, Postmodernism and the Polycontemporary obtain Osborn's textbook by sending an e-mail, "Time and Nothingness."

Textbook on postmodernism and post postmodernism.

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